Run Strong 

Do you want to take your running to the next level? 

What is Run Strong? 

So many runners neglect strength training, thinking you have to run more to get better, often resulting in injury! Don't under estimate the power strength training has to make improvements to your running. 

Why is strength training important for runners? 

It is an essential component for success with running - however the most lacking component in a runners training programme. Most runners wait until they get injured before they introduce it into their weekly programming. 

When you look at the kinematic and kinetics of running - this is an impact sport which can impose up to x 8 your body weight in force on specific structures in the body.

Increase Speed 

Injury Prevention 

The Run Strong programme is aimed at helping runners, from beginners through to ultra runners.


It's important that your strength and / or running programme has structure and specificity but most of all fits around your lifestyle. 

Strong runners run faster and for longer. 

Whats included? 

- Movement Assessment 

Following a consultation you will complete a full movement assessment so I can find out the way your body moves 


Run Strong is a strength plan for runners (and triathletes) to help with your strength, power, posture and stability 


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