Run Strong 

Helping you to run stronger.. 

I designed the Run Strong programme with the goal of helping runners both understand the importance and how to include strength training within their weekly programming. 

As a runner myself I know how hard it is to juggle a training programme, working out how to fit everything in, from training weekly mileage, completing strength training and trying to 'life' in general. This programme is built on evidence based research, not just what has worked for me. 

understand how intense training can be especially when increasing your weekly mileage. In order to do that effectively we need to have strong muscles, joints and ligaments to withstand the repetitive nature of running.

Strength Training is necessary for improving your performance as well as reducing the risk of injury.  

Why do you need strength training for running? 

Due to the repetitive nature of running, often runners go out and increase distance 

Prevent against injury 


This is often the missing most important component of runners. We all just want to go out and run with minimal rest. We often use running for our escapism and forget that we need to take optimal rest to make adaptations to progress.  

What is Run Strong? 

Run Strong is a strength and conditioning based programme

This is a full body programme of 2 - 3 sessions per week (depending on your availability) in order for you to get the best from your running journey. There is nothing worse than running mile after mile and then getting injured. By including weekly strength sessions in your programming this will help prevent against injury ensuring you have strong muscles to deal with the impact of running. 

Who is this for? 

This is for the beginner to improver runner. Are you looking to start your running journey or maybe you want to venture into ultra running. 

Most importantly this is built to you and your needs. This is not a generic off the shelf programme, we take in to account the way your body moves, your exercise history and age, your availability to train. 

How to get started on your Run Strong journey! 

Firstly you will complete a questionnaire which will enable me to gather as much information as possible on your background, previous injuries, goals etc. You will then complete a movement assessment to enable me to see how your body moves and the areas that we need to work on to make sure you are an all round stronger runner. 

This is an online based strength training programme delivered through an app. Ideally you will have a gym membership in order 


Run Strong is written and designed based on evidence based research 

The aim is to build a community, both on and offline. This has lead to monthly Coffee Runs to help people start their trail running journey and the Run Strong Hub aimed as an online education platform with monthly 'live topics',