Meet Emily


A little bit about me...

I'm Emily and I'm usually found out and about exploring somewhere in the mountains with my dog. 

A little bit about me... I started my fitness journey just over 20 years ago after I spent most of my time at secondary school forging my own sick notes to get out of PE. I would do anything to get out of running and team sports, in fact not to have to put on my PE kit at all. 

Looking back now, I never thought fitness would be a massive part of my life like it is.  These days you will very rarely find me sitting still and my weekends are typically spent in my camper van in North Wales out exploring the mountains. I love running, hiking, wild swimming, paddle boarding and most recently I've been trying to conquer my fear of heights with some indoor bouldering. 


I am a qualified Strength & Conditioning coach and Personal Trainer and I am also currently training to become a Mountain Leader which I have lots of plans for for the future.   

For the last 10 years endurance sport has been a huge passion of mine, predominately triathlon but over the most recent years I have found a love of trail and fell running.


When I was training for a half Ironman back in 2016 I realised how hard it actually was to pull everything together. I mean work, life, training miles, getting into the gym, nutrition, sleep it was all like one big jigsaw that I needed to piece together. I understand how demanding life is and when you really don't want to go and train after you have worked a 10 hour day. This is what triggered me to change my career and become a Coach 

Nutrition for me has always been my biggest struggle. I went through my 20's thinking I had to starve myself and train twice a day to lose weight to having to completely change my mindset towards food in my 30s to learn how to eat properly for fuel to perform the levels of training my body demanded for triathlon.  


I am a firm believer and huge advocate that you must enjoy your journey to get the results that you want and I will help you achieve the things you did not think were possible.