Client Stories 

My clients are just like you, wanting to make their training count and get the results they desire! From working stressful jobs with long hours to busy mums, together we can make a programme work around you and your life.   

Check out these stories from just some of my fabulous clients. 


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"An ultra marathon programme that works around me"

Since starting the Run Strong Programme online with Emily in January I have noticed a significant improvement in my fitness, running and motivation.  

Before working with Emily I was running 5 to 6 times a week at the same pace but now I have a structured programme, including strength sessions which is improving my overall fitness.  

We have a weekly check in where I feedback how the week went, how I feel and run through my commitments, which she will then tailor into next weeks programme.  This helps me plan and focus my weekly routine and forces me to have proper rest days as well.  


"Motivated and committed" 

I have been having programmes from Emily for nearly a year.  I had booked my first half marathon for September 2019 and, from previous experience, knew that if I just started running more it wouldn't be long before my hips gave in.  

I've had monthly sessions and plans from Emily to give me a structured running programme as well as my strength and conditioning programme.  Iv've been pretty disciplined and it's really paid off.  

I completed my half marathon and was due to go to my second in March 2020 with no significant aches and pains! 

Thank you Emily! 


"More confident and stronger than ever"

Since having Emily as a PT, not only has my gym mentality changed but my life mentality as a whole.  

Before I was worried about what other members would think, I didn't want to attend on my own and had no confidence.  I chose Emily because her previous working lifestyle would help me in my own career goals and in addition my personal goals to become a more confidence person.  

In the past I have had PT's that do a brief assessment and send you off with a plan not tailored or catered to your needs. Emily is different, she sits down to discuss your goals, assesses properly and thoroughly listens to any concerns or issues you may have at any point.  She is always happy to help in whatever way she can, whether that is nutritional advice (something I knew nothing about until now), questions on equipment, programme or even just a general chat. I can truly say that you get what you pay for. The level of knowledge Emily has and the commitment she provides to her clients is second to none.   


Stephanie H

"I feel like I have gotten control back" 

Em helped me to start on a journey to loving myself again.


Having done all sorts of diets and failing time and time again, I felt like I would never be able to get to a healthy mindset and body, without restricting and always working out. I met Em at my highest weight and lowest point mentally, and went from not being able to recognise who I was in the mirror to loving myself and being happy again. Through weekly PT sessions and coaching, my anxiety for the gym turned into a love I never thought I would have for it. She taught me a whole side of the gym far past the treadmills I’ve been using for so long; my life completely changed for the better and I grew to love weights.

Em was always there to support me and tailored programmes to my lifestyle. I absolutely loved having someone there to push me past my limit. Em always made me feel comfortable and with her guidance I lost 3 stone and ended up recognising myself again when I looked in the mirror. I can truly say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and Em has given me all the tools I’ll ever need to keep this up. If you’re feeling lost, need a boost, or just need to do something for yourself again, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with Em. She really does care about her clients and helping you be the best you can be!


Stephanie G

"Running faster and feeling confident" 

Feeling frustrated that my running pace wasn’t getting faster and that I couldn’t seem to shift the extra few pounds I was carrying, I joined a gym and started to look in to finding myself a personal trainer. I came across Emily’s website and, after reading all about her and her lifestyle, she seemed the perfect fit.

Things have been a bit more challenging since lockdown came along, especially as it became all too easy to start missing workouts. I definitely struggled with motivation once I couldn’t get out to the gym but Emily has done everything she can to still provide the same level of support and give me the kick up the butt I needed. Working around the equipment I have available at home, we now have our weekly session via FaceTime and my program is loaded on to a coaching app which tells me what workout to do and when, she even works it around my shifts! The thing I like most of all about using the app is it sends me an email reminding me I have a workout to do and another if I don’t complete it. I’m really finding it gives me that bit of accountability that I need and I rarely miss a session these days.

Since starting my journey in February 2020, my mile pb time (measured once a month) has gone from 12mins 50 seconds down to 9.08! I’m fitter, stronger, faster and more confident than I have been in a long time and, looking at my progress photos, I can see how my body is beginning to change shape too.

I can’t thank Emily enough for pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of. She really cares about her clients and wants the very best for them.


"Working online is extremely easy and rewarding" 

I first approached Emily for guidance, after much prevarication and apprehension, for help after struggling with motivation, direction, and the onset of osteoarthritis in one of my knees.


After 4 months of working with Emily, I have lost around one stone in weight, and my knee pain has almost completely vanished.


I’ve found that online coaching, based around my extremely busy life, works for me, keeps me motivated, and the personalised sessions that she devises for me, are both challenging and enjoyable.


In the past after starting an exercise programme, I have given up, or lost motivation after a few months, but with her guidance and help the results have far exceeded my expectations

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