Beyond Fitness 

Helping you to Run Stronger 


Hi, I’m Emily

I want to help you run stronger! 

I'm the face behind Beyond Fitness. I am a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and have a Diploma in Nutrition.   

For me, being a coach, it isn't 'just' my job, it's my passion and whole life and my aim is to make exercise and nutrition accessible and manageable to you. I will bring my passion for running, fitness and nutrition, whilst listening to your goals to help you become physically and mentally strong, healthy and confident to achieve your goals.  

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Introducing Beyond Fitness 

I will create a plan just for you! 

When you think about Personal Training, it should be exactly that.. Personal to you! 

Everyone I work with is different and requires a different approach to training, nutrition and mindset.  This is why from your first initial contact I will work closely with you to ensure you are getting the best and right service for you and your goals.  

Maybe you are not ready to go back to the gym yet and have equipment at home but bored of your current routine, or maybe you have a goal in mind but 1-2-1 sessions aren't for you and you would rather have a programme to follow in your own time or maybe you want to get better at running. There are plenty of options available for you depending on your goal.