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Do what makes you feel alive

Are you ready for your next adventure? 

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Hi, I’m Emily

I am a Qualified Mountain Leader and have my 16 hour Level 3 Outdoor First Aid Certificate. 

I wasn't always confident enough to go outdoors, explore new places, climb mountains or let alone thing of sleeping in a tent on the top of a mountain on my own and even have moments now where I think 'I can't do this', but over the years I have learnt the skills I knew I needed to help make this possible. 

With those skills and starting on small adventures, it helped me build and gain confidence to do more and more stuff on my own. I know first hand how daunting this is, when you want to do this stuff but have no one to go with. 

That's why I aim to bring women together in small groups so you can feel confident with others and get the best out of your adventure. 


Introducing Beyond Fitness 

Are you are fed up of feeling like peri menopause is taking control of everything in your life?


Are you feeling completely lost and don't know who you are anymore? 

Then it's time to It's time to shift the narrative, reclaim control, and empower your journey!

You are unique and so is your journey! 

I believe your journey is about freedom, balance, enjoyment and discovering outside of your comfort zone. I will give you a safe space for you to navigate your peri-menopause journey with no judgement, where you feel heard and listened too, because I know exactly what you are going through! 

To really grow, it's about embarking on a transformative journey of self discovery, empowerment, and building lasting changes. I'm not here to dictate to you, but to help you navigate those changes whilst providing this space for you. 

This is your time to really take back control and to learn more about yourself, your barriers, your motivations, your strengths and weaknesses whilst you have the support from me to make life long changes to build a new level of confidence.


This is about you realising your full potential, to achieve your goals. This is not the end, this is the start of something new. 

Why not book in for a chat to start your journey.. Book a call here. 

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Let's chat about your goals and how we can make your peri-menopause journey empowering. Click the 'chat with me' button below to book a call with me

Ways to work with me


Navigation Days / Weekends 

Do you want to explore the outdoors, whether thats running or hiking, but lack the confidence to go because you're worried about getting lost? 

Come along to our Beginner’s Navigation Course and learn the basic essential skills for getting around with a map and compass from a qualified navigation instructor. If you have never touched a map and compass before, you will leave at the end of the course with a brand new skill that you can put into practice every time you head for the trail.

Boost your confidence, reduce that worry and get outside!

Dates - Coming Soon 


Mountain Days 

Where would you love to go and explore? 

Whether that's Eryri (Snowdonia), the Lake District, the Peak District, Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons), Yorkshire, Scotland.  Whether you have a mountain in mind you want to climb, explore a coast path or a group hike with others, there's something for everyone. 

Our first group hike is the Marchlyn Mawr Horseshoe on Saturday 29th June at 8:30am.


Distance: 6 miles / 10km

Duration: 5 hours

Terrain: Uneven rocky ground, with some small sections of scrambling over boulders and scree paths

£45 per person 

To book your place, click here



Come and find your true passion in the outdoors, learn the skills you need to truly explore the love of 

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