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Mountain Leader 

I am a qualified Mountain Leader and my aim is to help women explore the outdoors. 

This isn't aimed at huge groups of women, I want to keep this small and bespoke. 

Upcoming events: 




Yorkshire 3 Peaks 

Snowdon Horseshoe - this is for people who have done some scrambling. 


Ready to start your journey? 

Here's three opportunities to work with me..



Come and join my free supportive 'Thriving through Peri Menopause' Facebook community. 

This is a safe judgment free space for you to share, listen and support each other during this transition in our life. 


Run Strong 

Ready to take your running to the next level? 

  • Online one to one personalised coaching, combining strength training, running, mobility and recovery periodised around your goals / races and life as much as possible 


Thriving through Peri Menopause 

This is your opportunity to work with me on a one to one basis.  This is the ultimate package of online and outdoors community, and my support and guidance to fully help you achieve your goals; 

  • Online one to one coaching with everything you need to achieve your goals, from mind, body, lifestyle and adventure. 

  • All your programming, nutrition, mindset bespoke to you, meeting you exactly where you are at. 

  • Weekly one to one Zoom and questionnaire check-ins. 

  • Monthly Mindset a group coaching call (60 min) per month

  • Private members area. This isn't a Facebook group, this is a safe space for you to get support, chat and meet likeminded ladies. 

  • Education, resources and accountability via members areas 

  • Fortnightly educational live sessions (30 min) e.g. peri-menopause, stress, nutrition and so much more..

  • Resource library to catch up if you miss the calls 

  • One adventure day per month, including hiking, wild swimming, retreats, bouldering and so much more. 

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