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About Beyond Fitness 

It's all about you! 

I don't believe in generic programmes... why? Because everybody is at a different stage of their fitness journey, moves differently, different goals, strengths and weaknesses that they want to work on and even likes and dislikes when it comes to exercises and confidence in the gym.  

I believe for you to get the best results, your fitness journey has to work around you and your lifestyle, and that is exactly what I will help you with! 

I am a huge believer in the support you receive is the key to helping you achieve your journey.   Whether you are struggling for motivation, struggling with nutrition, we will work together to get over any hurdles you have along the way, because let's face it no journey is easy, we all have days when life gets in the way. 

Your programmes are built entirely around you, the way you move, your goals, your lifestyle, your experience, we will work together to find what is right for you. 

How can I help you? 

I have helped my clients run their first ever 5k,10k, improve their race times, run their first ultra marathon to running 100 miles, do their first ever press up, box jump, pull up, find a love for the weights area and completely change their mindset towards exercise and nutrition resulting in amazing life transformations. There have been so many achievements that are personal to each and every one I have worked with.

Run Strong 

This is a strength and conditioning programme for runners, from beginners to ultra runners. 

Nutrition Coaching 


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Most importantly for me as a Coach it's not about the visual transformation you can see, for me it's about having the opportunity to help you get better at life and that's why I do and love my job! 


Why Beyond Fitness 

Results Driven

Nutrition Coaching

Accountability & Support 

Sports Performance Coaching

Tailored Programming


strength - nutrition - adventure 

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