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Inside the life of Emily

Updated: May 28, 2020

I thought I would use this blog as a bit about me, my life, my fitness adventures and most importantly I will share some useful information about running, mobility, nutrition etc along the way too!

If you hadn't already gathered I'm about the outdoors life as much as I am the gym - we all need to include strength training!

Lockdown has obviously seen us all adapting to a new way of life, the way we move, what we do with our time and no doubt appreciating things differently. I often forget how lucky we are to live where we do!

I also love a sunrise, so I am often known to set my alarm for 3am(ish). This one is taken from Caer Caradoc. I honestly didn't expect to be greeted by these views when I drove to Church Stretton that morning - it was a sea of cloud inversions all round!

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