My Run Strong journey

One of my lovely clients, Helen is going to be blogging about her Run Strong journey. She is an online client of mine and I had the pleasure of actually meeting her back in March, just before the world changed, at my first Canicross race.

I wasn't always a runner....I didn't like it at school, in fact I hated it as it was either winter cross country (I tried it and finished 2nd to last!) or track  - and I'm still not very fast! Through my 20's, I signed up for a half marathon, but only did the 6k as I hadn't trained at all, then I tried gyms (mainly for  the sauna / jacuzzi!), but then at the age of 29, I did a 5k obstacle course with some friends. I ran most of it, it was fun.... I then discovered park run, 10ks, half marathons... I improved my times by 10 minutes at each race as I enjoyed it more and more! This led to marathons, trail running and then ultras... meeting many friends along the way. It becomes addictive!

It was around this time I discovered Canicross, and after running with my friend's dog, I finally got Lyca, a husky cross. At 12 months old, she was already 26kg (she's now 38kg!) so I knew something had to change. How was I, at 5 foot 3 and 57kg, going to maintain control her during runs. 

I'd considered getting a coach, but didn't want to commit to a set time due to commuting and didn't want to join a gym again as we'd just set one up in our garage. It was then I found Emily... a smiling face and an honest Instagram post of a failed event she'd just done. She loved adventures, running, being outside... and had a dog! I made contact and we discussed my goals, passions and current training schedule (basically running, and a the odd 30 mins in the gym messing around with light weights and some sit ups!)

In January 2020 my Run Strong journey began....

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